The abandoned toy car (referred to as the puppet car on the film's
official website) is the first passenger car the Polar Express pulls during its journey to and from the North Pole. No passengers sit in it, but it is instead filled with a bunch of abandoned and forsaken toys that have been left to rust and decay in the back alleys and vacant lots around the world. Instead of getting thrown away, the train collects these toys and takes them to the North Pole where they are restored to their former glory. According to the Conductor, Santa Claus calls it something along the lines of "rebicycling."

After the train gets off the Ice Lake, Hero Boy, Hero Girl, and the Conductor makes their way back to the passenger cars. On the way, they pass through the abandoned toy car. The Conductor explains the story behind all the broken toys. Hero Girl finds it especially sad that these toys were treated so horribly. The Conductor and Hero Girl make it to the other passenger car, but Hero Boy gets distracted and runs into an Ebenezer Scrooge puppet, being puppeteered by the Hobo from the roof of the car. A scared Hero Boy runs away and back to the other passenger car.


The abandoned toy car is based on a Strasburg railroad coach, like all the other passenger cars.


The abandoned toy car's livery is the same as that of the other passenger cars. It is mostly blue, but with a red stripe going along the side windows and a black roof. In most merchandise lines, the words "Polar Express" appear on the sides above the windows, but this is not present in the film.


  • From the outside, lights are shining through the abandon toy car's windows like the other cars, but no light source exists inside.
  • The soldier toy doll seen in the abandoned toy car is later seen being played by Hero Boy on Christmas morning.
  • The teddy bear that Sarah has with her in both her bedroom, and on Christmas day can be seen in the abandoned toy car (Right next to the broken green car, and yellow airplane).
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