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"The flying elves. They are specialists. Do not try that at home. Kids, do not try that at home."
— The Conductor talking to the children about the Acrobatic Elves.

The Acrobatic Elves, sometimes called the Flying Elves, are unnamed characters in the 2004 film, The Polar Express. These elves ride the zeppelins while they carry the big bag of presents to the North Pole Square and are always ready to go into action whenever something goes wrong.

Role in the film

When the zeppelins and the big bag arrive at the North Pole Square, some of the Acrobatic Elves open up the zeppelins (like a balloon) to let the air out and lower their altitude. However, they lowered it too much, so another few of the elves jump off and parachute down to make the load lighter. That still did not increase the altitude enough and the bag hit the star on top of the tree, causing it to fall, so another group of elves bungee jump off the zeppelins and grab the star right before it hits the ground and put it back on top of the tree.

The Conductor warns the children to never attempt to copy the Acrobatic Elves' actions since they are professionals.


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