• Hilary James Lyall

    Billy, Maggie and Luke’s arrived at the present wrapping room and find a present that its to Billy from Santa.

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  • Lukwisnie

    There were a few things I used to think about The Polar Express movie that were not the case, some of which would be ridiculous if it were true.

    • Real conductors on real trains punch letters out of real tickets.
    • The purpose of the children being served hot chocolate was to warm them up after the short walk they must have took from their houses to the train.
    • It was normal for someone to be at the front of a train who gives instructions to the driver and fireman.
    • Hero Boy spitted out the coffee the Hobo gave him because he did not like the taste of it (this one actually lasted for a long time).
    • The Conductor was pulling on Smokey's beard because he mistook it for the locomotive's whistle rope and was trying to scare the caribou with the whistle.
    • The…
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