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Ebenezer Scrooge Puppet
Character information
Gender Male
Primary wardrobe Pajamas
Home The Polar Express
Allies Scrooge's Friends
Enemies Hero Boy, Hero Girl, Know-It-All
Likes Toys for Christmas
Dislikes Children believing in Santa
Background information
Performed by Tom Hanks (film)
Jim Hanks (video game)
Appeared in The Film
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"You are just like me, my friend. A Scrooge! Ebenezer Scrooge! North Pole, Santa Claus, this train, it's all a bunch of humbug! A bout of indigestion. Oh yeah, I know what you are. You're a doubter! A doubter! You don't believe! You're a doubter! You don't believe!"
— The Ebenezer Scrooge Puppet scaring the Hero Boy.

The Ebenezer Scrooge Puppet is a non-sentient character in the film and the main antagonist of The Polar Express: The Video Game.

Role in the Film

While Hero Boy was in the abandoned toy car, the Hobo, from the roof, uses the Scrooge puppet to scare Hero Boy by calling him a doubter. Hero Boy, unaware that it was just a puppet, runs away, back to the main passenger car.

Other appearances

The Polar Express: The Video Game

In The Polar Express: The Video Game, the Scrooge puppet appears as a sentient character with a much larger role. He is a child-hater who thinks Christmas should be more about toys than Santa Claus. He sets a main goal to keep the children onboard the train from believing in Santa Claus by stealing their tickets, which would get them thrown off the train by the Conductor and never reach the North Pole.

Scrooge is first seen spying on the children while they look out the window at Herpolsheimer's, much to his disgust. Later, after stealing their tickets, he gets some Jack-in-the-Boxes and puppets to assist him in keeping the tickets away from the children. However, with Hero Boy's help, the children retrieve their tickets. Scrooge himself fights Hero Boy to keep him from applying the emergency brake for Billy.

After all the tickets are retrieved, Scrooge gets angry and steals Hero Girl's ticket, which results in her being put in charge of driving the train. However, Hero Boy finds the ticket and, with the help of the Hobo, gets to the locomotive by skiing down the mountain.

Later, Hero Boy and Hero Girl encounter Scrooge one more time while returning to the passenger cars. He has become very large and gained an opening in his chest that shows his heart. Hero Boy tells him Christmas is more about giving and sharing than toys, but he does not listen, so Hero Boy, with encouragement from the other children, defeats him by throwing snowballs at his heart.

International languages

Language Name Meaning Voice actor(s)
French La Marionnette de Scrooge Scrooge's Puppet Jean-Philippe Puymartin
German Ebenezer Scrooge Ebenezer Scrooge Arne Elsholtz
Spanish (Latin America) Marioneta de Ebenezer Scrooge Ebenezer Scrooge Puppet Jesse Conde
Spanish (Spain) Marioneta de Ebenezer Scrooge Ebenezer Scrooge Puppet Jordi Brau


  • The Scrooge puppet in the film served as the inspiration for Ebenezer Scrooge in the 2009 film, A Christmas Carol, which was also directed by Robert Zemeckis.
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