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Elf General is a unnamed character in the 2004 film The Polar Express. He is an elf.

Role in the film

The Elf General appears in the surveillance room leading the other elves in last minute work. One elf reports on the last present being wrapped. Elf General asks how it is wrapped and is annoyed when told about the choice of bows when close to liftoff. He gets more angry when they are alerted of a naughty child who stuck gum in their sister's hair. However, he decides to let it slide as it is nearly Christmas, but that they would keep a closer eye on him next year. After that, he leads the other elves to the pneumatic, saying it is the fastest way to the Square.

Other appearances

The Polar Express: The Video Game

The Elf General appears as the pilot of the zeppelins carrying the sack of presents to the Square. Hero Boy, Hero Girl, Billy and Know-It-All are brought onboard the zeppelins from the sack where they meet the Elf General, who initially seemed mad at them. However, he is glad to have them onboard as he needs someone to fly the zeppelins while he goes to help the other elves lighten the load, which Hero Boy agrees to help with. Before leaving, he wishes Hero Boy luck and tells him to be careful not to crash or damage the sack. When they get near the Square, the Elf General returns to take over while the children return to the sack.


  • "A number seven?! When we're this close to take-off?! What are they thinking down there?! Are they meshuggener?!?!"

In other languages

Language Name Voice actor(s)
Dutch Elfengeneraal (unknown)
French Le Général Elf Marc Saez
Hungarian Főmanó Zoltán Katona
Japanese エルフ隊長 Hamamatsu Hiroshi
Korean 요정대장 임성표
Portuguese O Elfo Líder (unknown)
Swedish General Gunnar Ernblad


  • The Elf General is one of many characters from the film to not appear in the book.
  • He has longer sideburns in the video game than in the film.


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