Elf Lieutenant
Character information
Gender Male
Home North Pole
Background information
Performed by Steven Tyler
Appeared in The Film

Elf Lieutenant is a unnamed character in the 2004 film, The Polar Express. He is one of the many elves.


  • "How's it wrapped?"
  • "A number seven bow? When we're this close to liftoff?!! What are they thinking down there? Are they meshuggener?!! What's the routing?"
  • "We got a troublemaker now, just what we need! Things aren't bad enough. What's his 20?"
  • "New Jersey? Is that the same kid that put the tack... underneath his teacher's chair last year?"
  • "Look, it's... It's almost Christmas, huh? We'll cut the kid a break. But we'll put him on the twice list for next year!"
  • "Alright boys. Let's shut it down, alright? That's it for this year, come on!"
  • "Of course we're taking the pneumatic! It's the only way to get to the square on time, and time is money! Ready, and mount."
  • "You may start your descent at any time now, at your convenience of course."
  • "Altitude, please. A bit more altitude please."
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