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Elf Lieutenant is a unnamed character in the 2004 film, The Polar Express. He is one of the many elves.

In other languages

Language Name Voice actor(s)
French Le lieutenant Elf (unknown)
Spanish Elfo teniente (unknown)
Swedish Nisse Löjtnant Kristian Ståhlgren
Children Hero Boy (Chris) Hero Girl (Holly) Know-It-All Billy the Lonely Boy Sister Sarah Gus the Toothless Boy Boy on Train Blonde Girl (Heather) Little Boy Young Boy Steven Unnamed Kids
Adults Conductor Hobo Smokey and Steamer Santa Claus Pastry Chefs Waiters Hero Boy's parents
Elves Elves Acrobatic Elves Elf General Elf Lieutenant Elf Singer
Animals Caribou Santa Claus' reindeer Wolves Other animals
Toys Ebenezer Scrooge puppet Scrooge's friends