Gus the Toothless Boy
Character information
Gender Male
Born 1950
Primary wardrobe Orange, chocolate stained shirt
Age 9-10
Occupation Polar Express passenger
Background information
Performed by Chris Coppola (motion-capture)
Connor Matheus (voice[1] and additional motion-capture)
Hope Levy (video game)
Appeared in The Film
— Gus noticing the elves outside.

Gus the Toothless Boy is one of the passengers on board the Polar Express. When the train arrives at the North Pole Square and the children notice the elves outside, he points outside shouting out, "Elves!"

In the video game, Gus is the first child whom Hero Boy helps find their stolen tickets. His ticket was in the possession of one of the Jack-in-a-Boxes in a passenger car full of presents, but the car was so dark, Gus was afraid to go look in there. Hero Boy says he also does not like the dark very much, but that he must be brave. He makes a plain in which Gus will hold the flashlight while Hero Boy checks each of the Jack-in-a-Boxes. When they find the ticket, Gus thanks Hero Boy and goes back to the main passenger car while Hero Boy goes to help the other children.


  • Gus is one of many characters from the film to not appear in the book.
  • Gus's name was never mentioned in the film. However, for some odd reason he was referred was as "Gus." in the credits.
  • Gus is one of the few characters in the film to be given a name along with Billy, Sarah, and Steven.



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