Ice Lake
Polar Express
Type Lake
Location The Polar Express route
Visitors Hero Boy, Hero Girl, Conductor, Hobo, Smokey and Steamer
The Polar Express (2 5) Movie CLIP - Back on Track (2004) HD

The Polar Express (2 5) Movie CLIP - Back on Track (2004) HD

"Jesus fucking Christ. Why did we subcontract this railroad to the lowest fucking bidder?"
— The Conductor before the train slides onto the Ice Lake.

The Ice Lake is a location in the film, The Polar Express.

Role in the Film

The Ice Lake is a frozen-over lake that the Polar Express slides onto after speeding along Glacier Gulch. Smokey manages to get the cotter pin, which came off the throttle and was accidentally swallowed by Steamer, out of Steamer's mouth by hitting his back with a shovel, but it flies out of the cab and pierces the ice, causing it to fracture. Meanwhile, the train hits an iceberg and leans sideways. Hero Girl almost falls off, but is grabbed by the Conductor and Hero Boy. However, they are unable to pull her to safety, so the Hobo appears and helps them, but disappears before anyone other than Hero Boy sees him. The train eventually stops after Smokey uses the pin from his hair to fix the throttle.

Hero Boy, Hero Girl, and the Conductor go to check what is going on with Smokey and Steamer. The Conductor is angry with them, but forgets to be angry when Hero Boy notices the cracking ice and shouts at them to get the train off the lake. Since they are facing the wrong way, they turn the train around. Hero Boy finds the tracks on the other side of the lake and the Conductor shouts orders at Steamer to go left or right in order to align with them. Meanwhile, Hero Girl's ticket, which Hero Boy put in his slipper during his first encounter with the Hobo, is blown out, so Hero Girl and Hero Boy try to catch it. They manage to both grab it at the same time. They both exclaim as the ice catches up with the train and breaks under it. Luckily, the engine hits the frozen-over tracks and the train is saved.

When Hero Boy, Hero Girl, and the Conductor make their way back to the passenger cars, Know-It-All tries to explain the events to Hero Boy, unaware that he actually experienced more of it. He claims that, since it is impossible for a train to go on ice, moonlight and atmosphere really created an optical illusion which made it only appear as if the train was on ice. However, Hero Boy is more interested in what is going on the observation car and goes there without saying anything.

With the ice cracked and the tracks flooded, it is unknown how the train did the return journey. It is possible the lake refroze or the train took a different route around the lake. What is also questionable is how a cotter pin manages to pierce the ice but not a umpteen ton train manages to remain on the ice without immediately falling through.


  • The book does not feature any appearances of the Ice Lake.
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