The Polar Express pulls a line of passenger cars, including an Observation Car
and an abandoned toy car, where the children and the Conductor ride in during journey to the North Pole.


The passenger cars are all based on a Strasburg Railroad coach.


All of the passenger cars share the same livery. They are blue with a red stripe going along the side windows and a black roof. In the film, the next to last car has the words, "Polar Express" in yellow on the sides under the windows, though this is not present in the book.

In most merchandise lines, the wording appears on all the cars and is above the windows instead of below.


  • The train appears with five cars throughout most of the film. However, on occasion, it is seen with as little as three or as many as eleven and twenty.
  • The interiors of only three of the cars are seen in the film, including the abandoned toy car, the observation car, and next to last passenger car.
  • It is currently unknown how many cars the train pulls in The book but when the story were featured in "The Polar Express, CD-ROM Multimedia Edition" from "Houghton Mifflin interactive" it reveals that it's pulling seven cars. However, when the train goes through the woods where the wolves are watch the train pass by it is seen with eight cars.
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