Pastry Chefs
Character information
Gender Genderfluid
Primary wardrobe Chef's hat and jacket
Occupation Chefs on the Polar Express
Allies Conductor, Waiters
Songs "Hot Chocolate"
Background information
Performed by Brendan King
Andy Pellick (film)
Chris Edgerly (video game)
Appeared in The Book and the Film
The Pastry Chefs are two chefs that serve hot chocolate to the children on the Polar Express while singing the song, "Hot Chocolate" along with the Conductor. They used a special machine to served the hot chocolate.

A pair of chefs also appear on the train serving refreshments in the book, but they are not dancing and serve the children in a manner similar to that of a normal chef. Besides hot chocolate, they also served candies that had white nougat centers.

Other appearances

The Video Game

After the food fight happened in the dining car, one of the chefs gets angry about all the wasted food. A later level requires the player to sneak through the kitchen car without getting seen by the angry chef.

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