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The Pastry Chefs are two unnamed chefs that serve hot chocolate to the children on the Polar Express while singing the song "Hot Chocolate" with the Conductor. They used a special machine to served the hot chocolate.

A pair of chefs also appear on the train serving refreshments in the book, but they serve the children in a manner similar to that of a normal chef and do not dance. Besides hot chocolate, they also serve nougat-centered candies.

Other appearances

The Polar Express: The Video Game

One chef appears in the video game, though he is referred to as a cook.

While searching for the other children's tickets, Hero Boy has a food fight with Scrooge's puppets in the dining car to retrieve Know-It-All's ticket. He leaves before being found out, but the wasted food still put the cook in a bad mood as he now had to make more. He was so angry that he was not letting anyone else into the kitchen car. However, Scrooge hid one of the tickets there, so Hero Boy sneaks through without getting seen and retrieves it. After that, the cook turns on a radio and plays it loud enough to deafen Hero Boy passing through again.


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