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Scrooge's friends are the secondary antagonists of The Polar Express: The Video Game. They consist of jack-in-the-boxes and puppets who help Scrooge with his plans to keep the children onboard the Polar Express from reaching the North Pole.

Throughout the game, Scrooge's friends keep the children from retrieving their tickets, which Scrooge had stolen. One jack-in-the-box hides with the ticket in a darkened car, some puppets start a food fight in the dining car, another jack-in-the-box challenges Hero Boy to a game of tennis, and some other jack-in-the-boxes have a toy fight. However, Hero Boy defeats them and helps the children get their tickets back.

On their way back to the passenger cars from the engine room, Hero Boy and Hero Girl encounter Scrooge's friends again. They start another toy fight, but are once again defeated.

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