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Sarah is a character in The Polar Express book and film. She is Hero Boy's younger and only sister.

Role in the book

While opening presents with Hero Boy on Christmas morning, Sarah finds one small present behind the tree for Hero Boy. Inside is the silver bell he had lost the night before along with a note from Santa explaining what happened to it. Hero Boy shakes the bell, making a beautiful sound both he and Sarah like, though their parents cannot hear it with their father assuming it is broken.

Sarah, along with most of Hero Boy's friends, would continue to hear the bell for years, but they all would find a Christmas when they could no longer hear it. However, the bell would still ring for Hero Boy into adulthood.

Role in the film

Late one Christmas Eve, Hero Boy hears bells ringing and goes downstairs to see if Santa Claus had come, but sees no presents under the tree. Suddenly, a shadow of what appears to be Santa appears, but it turns out to be his father and Sarah. Hero Boy runs back to his room and watches through the key hole Sarah get tucked into bed. She talks to her parents about Hero Boy expressing doubt in the existance of Santa due to illogicalities in his Christmas Eve runs. Her parents assure her he was just joking and that Santa will come if she goes to sleep.

Right before Hero Boy boards the Polar Express, the Conductor mentions Hero Boy made Sarah put out the milk and cookies this year.

The next morning, Sarah excitedly wakes up her brother, telling him that Santa has been to their house. After he gets up, she goes to wake up her parents. They are soon downstairs opening their presents when Sarah finds a small present behind the tree for Hero Boy, which has the silver bell inside. They each shake the bell and enjoy the beautiful sound it makes, but their parents hear nothing when they shake it.

Over the years, Hero Boy's friends, as well as Sarah, would stop being able to hear the bell, unlike Hero Boy, who would continue to hear it into adulthood.

In other languages

Language Name Voice actor(s)
Chinese 莎拉 陳若甄
Finnish Saara-sisko Katja Aakkula
French Sarah, la sœur du garçon Lola Krellenstein
Hebrew שרה נועה שמי
Italian Sarah Valentina Rossi
Polish Sara Zuzanna Bernat
Portuguese Irmã Sarah Carolina Sales
Romanian Sarah Iulia Tohotan
Swedish Syster Sarah Alexandra Alm


  • The character was based on Chris Van Allsburg's real-life sister, Karen, who was also born in 1947, but was 2 years older than him.
  • In the book, Sarah does not appear in the beginning of the story, only at the end.
  • Sarah is the only major child character in both the book and the film who does not ride the Polar Express.
  • Sarah is one of five characters to have their names revealed in the movie, the others being Santa Claus, Billy, and Smokey and Steamer (although the latter two's names are only revealed during the end credits.)
  • On Christmas morning in the film, she is wearing a pink headband which she is not seen with in the book.


  • "But he said Santa would have to fly faster than the speed of light to get to everyone's house in one night, and to hold everyone's presents, his sled would have to be bigger than an ocean liner."
  • "Wake up! Wake up! Santa's been here! Santa's been here! Hurry up! Hurry up! Mom, Dad, wake up, wake up! Santa's been here, Santa's been here! Mom, Dad, look! He brought us all kinds of stuff! Look, a train!"
  • "This is the most beautiful-est, most wonderful-est Christmas ever. Wait, look. Here's one more. Has your name on it."


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