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The sorting room is a location in The Polar Express movie.

Role in the film

Hero Boy, Hero Girl and Billy follow the arrows on a conveyer belt in the wrapping hall, which take them through a tunnel into the sorting room. The conveyor belt suddenly moves, so the children walk off of it onto platforms and find the last present coming down the belt. Hero Boy and Hero Girl read the mailing information to find it is going to someone named Billy at 11344 Edbrooke Avenue in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which matches the Billy that is with them. Billy decides to follow the present with Hero Boy and Hero Girl coming after.

After going through another tunnel, the children slide down a long slide, then fall through a hole at the bottom and land on a big pile of presents. Billy is excited to open his present, thinking it might be something he had wanted for a long time, but Hero Boy and Hero Girl point out a note on the present saying, "Do not open until Christmas." Suddenly, the presents are enclosed in a big red bag and carried outside and to the Square by a pair of zeppelins.

The song, "White Christmas" plays over loudspeakers at the Sorting Room.


  • The book does not feature the Sorting Room.
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